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Contact Me

I love to get mail, but it may take a day or two to hear from me - I am not ignoring you - just busy!  So if you can hang on in there, I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks for your patience xx

If you have any questions, are intested in what I can offer, would just like to find out more or book me for an event, Please feel free to contact me......


Tel: 07990918776 - between the hours of 9am until 6pm

I will, at some point be putting a list of items on this sitem which I will be retailing. 

At present, I have access to a supplier of Organic CBD Oil, in varying strengths, which can be used as a supplement for several minor and some more serious illnesses, which some people find very helpful when taking it long term. I also have my own recipe Turmeric Plus Capsules, it has not fillers, no packers, no anticaking agents and contains something called Trikatu (three pepper blend) and Boswellia (Frankincense). 

Some investigations have been undertaken to establish the alleged anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric, which some of you may have seen in the news papers recently.  Trikatu and Boswellia (facilitates bio-availability) or in other words, it takes more energy to get the best out of Turmeric without Trikatu and Boswellia than with it - so you get more out of the Turmeric for less energy expenditure and it is more easily absorbed.  

I also have an array of herbs and spices, creams and capsules, which can be seen where ever I set out my stall.  So please come and have a look and chat about your needs - or simply pick up the phone and call for further information.

You have nothing to lose and maybe even - something to gain! 


Thank you for visiting my Web Site and Good Health!