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To The Wise Woman web pages, where you will hopefully find the things you are looking for.

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Hello and welcome to my web site. 
I lecture on the History of Medicine to the general public and have been involved in historical recreation and as a multi-period specific interpretor for the last 20 years.  I own a huge variety of items for 'show and tell' and talk on a variety of subjects; from historical surgery, to the role and duty/practice of the physic (doctor) and from the roles of a wise women, including a wide range of recipes used over the centuries.  I also cover topics including:
Aspects of Witch Craft and the corruption of the term
General interpretation of women's roles in society; How these roles have been perceived and have changed through the ages
Herbal lore (some majickal and medical uses)
Materia Medica
Women's roles in medicine
Introduction of Persian medicine
Practical application and understanding of early anaesthetics
Anatomical understanding throughout history
Humoral knowledge
And so much more